Gazebo Building Plans I 12′ x 12′ Gable Roof


Easy to build Gable Roof Gazebo plans. Gazebo dimensions are 12 ft Long x 12 ft Wide at the base, the roof has a 12 inch overhang all the way around …



Easy to build Gazebo plans.  Gazebo dimensions are 12ft Long x 12ft Wide at the base, the roof has a 12″ overhang all the way around so the overall roof size is 14′ x 14′, the legs are 10′ tall and the roof peak is 13′.  These detailed plan are professionally drawn and easy to understand.  They are laid out on standard letter size paper and will be available for download after receiving payment.  All plans include a materials list, tools list, and complete cutting list with illustrations and step by step detail drawings.  This gazebo can be built in a couple of weekends and is designed to last.  These plans will show you how to build a gazebo exactly like the one in the picture.  This gazebo is designed to be free standing or attached to an existing deck.  It could also be cemented into the ground if desired.  Just build it and enjoy it for years to come.  This sale provides a blueprint for building the gazebo shown and DOES NOT include the materials or tools needed to build it or a complete gazebo, THIS IS PLANS ONLY, NOT A KIT.

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